About me

Hi, I am Karl Zeigas, the author of this small dental blog. I used to be a general dentist and I have been working in this field for more than 30 years with an emphasis in cosmetic dentistry.


I am originally from Germany but I moved to the USA when I retired to join my wonderful wife. That was not the easiest transition for me at that time but in all fairness, I don’t regret any bit of it.

I like to travel a lot but I have to admit my favourite place in the world is and will always be the city of Colorado Springs. When I need to relax and get rid of any stress or tension, I like to go to the Pikes Peak. It is like a magic trick that never fails. I can’t explain why but it works.

Why this blog?

It all came from a challenge with my grandson who thought I was too old to create my own blog. I got to say I only wanted to show him that his granddad is still in. But to be honest, I had no idea where to start from. It took me a few books, a few videos and a lot of sweat to understand this whole process of blogging, but I guess it is getting easier and easier now. (My dear grandson, you owe me 50 bucks…..)

What this blog is about?

It will be mainly a dental blog where I will try to provide some advice on proper dental care. My goal is to offer any reader the information that I would want if I were the patient in the dreaded dental chair. Of course, I might also probably share with you some posts about topics I like such as music and food (I am a real food lover as most of you I suppose, and that’s why dental care is so important to be able to enjoy every bite of it…..)

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