How to choose a toothbrush?


As a former dentist, I can’t help warning my grandchildren against bad oral hygiene, I keep telling them how a good oral hygiene is important for their dental health. Every time I see them for holidays, I would tell them that using a good toothbrush is mainly the best way to keep their teeth healthy, let alone their gums. Yep, healthy habits start at a very young age 😉

But even if you know how important it is, how can we choose the best toothbrush? It is not an easy task with so many different types to choose from. I know most my patients were a bit confused and would usually pick the first one they would find…

Here are the main characteristics to check when choosing a toothbrush, whether it be manual or powered.

Size: you want your toothbrush to be able to reach all surfaces of your precious teeth, so make sure your toothbrush head is small enough to do so, meaning the average size should be half-inch wide and one inch tall. Of course, if your mouth is bigger or smaller, you will choose your toothbrush accordingly so to be able to clean easily the sides and backs of your teeth.

Bristle type: you probably know there are 3 main bristle types: soft, medium and hard nylon bristles. For most of my patients, I usually recommend the soft bristled type because most of us (and I also do) usually brush our teeth too vigorously, which could damage your gums and your teeth. So even if medium and hard bristled brushes are available, please stay away from them. I know it can sound a bit strange, but I do think those medium and hard bristled brushes are pretty “harmful” and tend to lead to dental issues in the long run…. Of course, it somehow is good for the dental industry…

Approval: make sure your toothbrush has also been approved by the ADA (the American dental association) which will ensure you picked a quality toothbrush. The ADA seal of approval helps you to recognise products that are safe, efficient… (It helps 😉 )
It will ensure for example that the bristles of your disposable toothbrushes won’t fall out under regular brushing conditions or that your powered toothbrush has proven to be safe for use inside your mouth….

Remember that if you still are a bit lost; feel free to ask your dentist for recommendation.

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