What is proper dental care ?


We all know the bad effects of poor dental care that range from cavities to gingivitis and tooth loss. Yet, most of us don’t really commit to cleaning our teeth correctly and regularly. And as in most cases, we usually underestimate the risk of dental issues and only pay attention to our teeth once problems occur.
So repeat after me the old saying: prevention is better than cure…

Why is it important to clean your teeth?

Well in a nutshell, simply because your mouth is full of bacteria that needs fuel to create cavities.The carbohydrates in your food and drinks, that are “stuck” between your teeth, provide that energy, so the more food “left” in your mouth, the more risk of holes from these bacteria. Another way to prevent decay is of course to limit sugary foods.

So what is the recommended dental care routine?

• Brush your teeth after each meal if possible to remove forming plaque
• Replace your toothbrush regularly to ensure maximum effectiveness (usually every 3-4 months)
• Use dental floss and mouthwash to remove plaque and food debris hard to reach with your toothbrush.
• Visit your dentist at least once a year for a complete check up (cleaning and assessment)

Don’t wait till you get cavities to clean correctly your teeth. I know it can be a bit annoying but it doesn’t take much of your time. You will increase your chances of keeping your teeth for a lifetime and also reduce your risk of developing gum problems. A small effort for big rewards in the long run…

You will thank me later 🙂

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